Thesis Supervision and PhD Students

Current Doctoral Students

STUDENTExpected Completion Date
Nima Salehi SadghianiExpected Completion Date, May 2018
Ece SanciExpected Completion Date, May 2019
Emily TuckerExpected Completion Date, May 2019

Ph.D. Dissertations Supervised

STUDENTCompletion DateDissertation Title
Kayse Lee MaassApril, 2017Mitigating Hard Capacity Constraints in Facility Location Modeling
Jonathan TurnerJanuary, 2011Overcoming obstacles to resident-patient continuity of care and optimal allocations of operating room experiences
Michael LimJoint with S. Chopra, June, 2009Supply Chain Network Design in the Presence of Disruption Risks
Taylan IlhanJoint with S. Iravani, September, 2007Routing and Resource Allocation with Probabilistic Objectives
Kristin SahyouniJoint with R. Canan Savaskan, June, 2007Product Lifecycle Considerations in Closed-Loop Supply Chain Management
Leyla OzsenJune, 2004Location-Inventory Planning Models:  Capacity Issues and Solution Algorithms
Lawrence V. SnyderJune, 2003Supply Chain Robustness and Reliability:  Models and Algorithms
Zuo-Jun Max Shen
joint with C. Coullard and D. Simchi-Levi, December, 2000Efficient Algorithms for Various Supply Chain Problems
Susan H. OwenDecember, 1998Scenario Planning Approaches to Facility Location:  Models and Solution Methods
Rosemary Bergerjoint with C. Coullard, July, 1997Location-Routing Models for Distribution System Design
Sanjay MelkoteAugust, 1996Integrated Models of Facility Location and Network Design
Michael WatsonFebruary, 1996A Standardization Analysis Process Applied to Steel Coils in the Automotive Industry
Geoffrey Craig MurrayOctober, 1995Dynamic Aircraft Reassignment
Ronald S. Tibben-Lembkejoint with Y. Bassok, October, 1995Essays in Logistics
Yanwen WangMay, 1992The Stochastic Travelling Salesman Problem with Dynamic Node Choices
Chryssi MalandrakiDecember, 1988Time Dependent Vehicle Routing Problems:  Formulations, Solution Algorithms and Computational Experiments
Ali HaghaniDecember, 1985A Combined Model of Train Routing, Makeup, and Empty Car Distribution
Geoffrey Rosejoint with F. S. Koppelman, November, 1985An Analysis of Error Propagation in Transportation Network Equilibrium Models
Jossef PerlDecember, 1982A Unified Warehouse Location Routing Analysis