Service Science

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Mark S. Daskin

Department of Industrial and Operations Engineering

University of Michigan

1205 Beal Avenue

Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2117


Appendix A: Sums of Series – basic formulae

Appendix B: Overview of Probability

Appendix C: References

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Software (Windows only)


Facility location software

Powerpoint User Guide to SITATION

Example SITATION run in Powerpoint

Sample data needed by SITATION

Sample datasets for SITATION

Complete SITATION download (all of above)


Network optimization software


Time-dependent queueing analyzer

Many of the spreadsheets in the files below use What’s Best, an Excel d-in optimizer. The trial version is available from

Chapter-Specific Additional Material

Chapter 1 | Why study services?

No additional material

Chapter 2 | Optimization

Squared Errors.xls

Simple LP Example.xls

Multi Objective Shortest Path using Node Arc Incidence Matrix WEIGHTING Method.xls

Multi Objective Shortest Path using Node Arc Incidence Matrix CONSTRAINT Method.xls

Multi Objective Shortest Path using Decision Matrix Approach and WEIGHTING method.xls

Multi Objective Shortest Path using Decision Matrix Approach and CONSTRAINT method.xls

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All Chapter 2 files (zipped)

Chapter 3 | Queueing theory

Doctor Simulations.xls

Queueing Results Extended w Abandonment and Diagrams.xls

Queueing Results Extended w Abandonment and Diagrams.xlsx

M-M-s queue numerically done.xls

M-M-3 Simulation.xls

M-Ek-3 simulation.xls

Erlang-k distributions.xls

M-M-3 simulation with Reneging.xls

All Chapter 3 files (zipped)

Chapter 4 | Location and districting problems in services

Simple Analytic Model.xls

Weber in Pennsylvania.xls

Simple Set Covering Example.xls

Simple Max Covering Example.xls

Simple Max Expected Covering Example.xls

Simple P Median Example.xls

Simple fixed cost Example.xls

Simple P center Example.xls

Simple Districting Example.xls

Simple Districting Example Extended 2.xls

Simple P center median example.xls

Simple P median max covering example.xls

Simple P Dispersion Model.xls

Simple Profit Maximization Example.xls

Simple Max Capture Example.xls

State Populations and Areas.xls

PA 12 County Data for Problem Sets.xls

10 County Data Around Chicago.xls

counties sorted 250.grt

All Chapter 4 files (zipped)

Chapter 5 | Inventory decisions in services

Multi-item EOQ (individual orders).xls

Multi-item EOQ (Single order).xls

Multi-item EOQ (suborders).xls

Constrained space and value.xls

Time Dependent Demand as Shortest Path.xls

Time dependent demand with wrap around.xls

Order by order simulation of stochastic inventory 400 demands.xls

All Chapter 5 files (zipped)

Chapter 6 | Resource allocation problems in services

Example for infeasibility MODEL 1 Feasible Solution.xls

Example for infeasibility MODEL 2 INFeasible Solution.xls

Example for infeasibility MODEL 3 Allowing Unwanted Assignments.xls

Example for infeasibility MODEL 4 with Dummy Volunteers and Shifts.xls

All Chapter 6 files (zipped)

Chapter 7 | Short-term workforce scheduling

Example for naïve approach and simple optimization.xls

24 hour example.xls

Scheduling with service actual.xls

All Chapter 7 files (zipped)

Chapter 8 | Long-term workforce planning

Simple employee planning model.xls

Employee Planning with skill sets.xls

Simple employee planning model with time periods.xls

Joint project and workforce management model.xls

Employee training example.xls

All Chapter 8 files (zipped)

Chapter 9 | Priority services, call center design and customer scheduling

Numerical model with abandonment.xls

Patient Room Doctor Simulation.xls

OR Scheduling example with 5 surgeries.xls

All Chapter 9 files (zipped)

Chapter 10 | Vehicle routing and services

Undirected CPP example.xls

Directed CPP Example.xls

Example TSP with Euclidean Distances

TSP on small network.xls

Example problem.prn

All Chapter 10 files (zipped)

Chapter 11 | Where to from here?

No additional material

Appendix A: Sums of Series – basic formulae

No additional material

Appendix B: Overview of Probability

What do they look like.xls

What do they look like (zipped)

Appendix C: References

No additional material